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Zangle Cove C - 2017 - Cumulative Survey View | South Sound 2017
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Zangle Cove C - 2017 - Cumulative Survey View

Summer 2017 - Cumulative Counts through 2017-06-18
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 counts per survey date
# adult PG8
vol hours2

  Observed Burrow Visits
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  • Each row represents one burrow.
  • Each survey-date is represented by two columns
    • (left) VB (observations of visits without prey),
      .. bar height represents # of visits to that burrow
      .. gray background => there was a visit to the burrow on this or a previous survey date
    • (right) FB ( observations of visits with prey).
      .. bar height represents # of prey delivered to that burrow
      .. blue background => there was a prey delivery to the burrow on this or a previous survey date
  • Color-coding of bars
      ( noprey)   ( sculpin)   ( gunnels)   ( other)
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# of unique burrows visited

VB -
FB -
Tot -

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2017-06-18 @ Zangle Cove C

Survey start time: 7:30am, Observers: Edith Rice
adult PG count today: 8
total volunteer hours: 2

no burrow data entered

disturbance - Bald Eagle (7:47am - 7:47am) (fly off water) pg pair moved further out in water. Seagulls, cormorants and kingfishers all fled at the same time in response to eagle fly over.

disturbance - Kingfisher (8:04am - 8:04am) (flee bluff or beach) PG pair had floated to within 2 feet of beach and one of the pair had flown up to the top of a large boulder. Kingfisher dove at the PG on the boulder. PG pair retreated to water about 4 yards from the beach.

disturbance - Stand-up paddleboarder (not sure - not sure) (fly off water) Forgot to record time of paddle board pass by, but he came from south of the cove headed north, then turned and went sout again. On his way south the PG pair in the water, fled to further out for some time.

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