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ZZZ - Connie's Bluff - 2015 - Cumulative Survey View

Summer 2015 - Cumulative Counts through 2015-06-26
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# adult PG3
vol hours

  Observed Burrow Visits
Legend for Burrow Visits Graphical Display:
  • Each row represents one burrow.
  • Each survey-date is represented by two columns
    • (left) VB (observations of visits without prey),
      .. bar height represents # of visits to that burrow
      .. gray background => there was a visit to the burrow on this or a previous survey date
    • (right) FB ( observations of visits with prey).
      .. bar height represents # of prey delivered to that burrow
      .. blue background => there was a prey delivery to the burrow on this or a previous survey date
  • Color-coding of bars
      ( noprey)   ( sculpin)   ( gunnels)   ( other)
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# of unique burrows visited

VB -
FB -
Tot -

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2015-06-26 @ ZZZ - Connie's Bluff

Survey start time: , Observers: neal and peter
adult PG count today: 3
total volunteer hours:

no burrow data entered